Saturday, April 11, 2009

Agility and Stress

Iris was really not herself during class on Tues. I should try to write about class sooner so that I remember it better, especially on nights she's acting odd. A few things I noticed:
  • Iris fidgeted during most of the drive to class. Normally she sleeps for most of the ride.
  • There were a few different cars coming and going to take care of the horses during our class, and Iris was very aware of them. It's not unusual for her to be extremely aware of cars, but there haven't been any cars coming/going during class all winter.
  • Iris pooped before class and in the arena during class. She always poops before class starts and never does a second time. Ok, it's not the first time she's gone in the arena, but it's only when she doesn't go before class starts. Poop looked normal but maybe she wasn't feeling well?
  • Iris' jumping was terrible. A few times she plowed through a jump bar face first. For her to be crashing through the jump bar with her face, she wasn't getting much height at all. I'm not sure if this was because she wasn't feeling well (something was sore? Out of alignment?). Her gait looked normal to me. Or maybe she was just wasn't paying attention a all to what she she was doing? She seemed more weirded out by the other dogs than she usually is. I don't think this was a vision issue. Other than during that one class, her vision seems like it's still ok.
  • Iris was having more trouble focusing on me at the start line than usual. Katrin had me start with Iris instead of leading out which did help.
The only time I really felt like Iris' brain was on agility and not something else was around the dogwalk. She loves the contact obstacles, so she didn't have any trouble with the dogwalk/tunnel discrimination. The tire was out again, and Iris still struggled with it. I really need to build a tire! I want to build one that is displaceable, but I don't have good plans for it. Hmmm. I'll have to think on that one.

No agility class next week, but we might be starting a reactive dogs class. I think Iris would really benefit from another reactive dogs class. I can't manage the drive to Franklin twice a week right now, so I'm going to try a class closer by (even though I really like Emma).

On a completely unrelated note, a couple different people have commented on how good Iris' coat is right now. She is very soft and shiney right now even though she hasn't had a recent bath. I guess her new diet is agreeing with her.


Jules said...

Yay, about the diet agreeing with her. Have she seen Anne recently? It's amazing the different things that can impact our dogs. Bug has been being really sound sensitive; part of it is the work being done on the house, but part of it was his head was out of alignment!

See you in two weeks. Enjoy the Reactive Dog class. Are you takign it at the place in Boxborough?

Katrin said...

Re: that jump she face planted. A number of the jumps in class were not 20' spaced like they 'usually' are. I was playing with distance and seeing if the dogs would/could collect/extend as necessary. The one she face planted right before the DW required a collection for the jump then extension to the DW. And she didn't collect, so took off too late hence face planting.

Blue said...

Julie, I think it's been about 6 weeks since Iris saw seen Anne. Maybe it's time for another visit! I the reactive dog class is in Hudson. Actually, now I'm wondering if it's the same trainer you were doing were doing earthdog with? I just noticed she teaches earthdog.

Katrin, that makes a lot of sense about the jumps. I didn't even notice the spacing was different. I guess Iris didn't notice either! Thanks for explaining. I worry too much.

Jules said...

oh cool! Carolyn? She's GREAT!

Blue said...

Yup, it is with Carolyn. I'm glad to hear that you like her! We're going to meet her tomorrow.