Monday, January 31, 2011

The Eyes Have It - 4/52

I know, I know.  It's maybe not the most creative image, but it's hard to do a photo series of Iris without doing a close up of her crazy eyes.

A close up photo of Iris' eyes.  Her eyes are really unique - each eye is half blue and half brown.

The Eyes Have It - 4/52

There.  Now I've got it out of my system...  at least for this month.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Weather Outside... 3/52

The Weather Outside...  3/52

It seems like we've been seeing a lot of this lately!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happiness is a Warm Bed - 2/52

Very close up photo of Iris lying on her giant dog bed.  Only Iris' front paws are in focus.

Happiness is a Warm Bed - 2/52

This bed used to be under my desk at work.  I had no intention of storing it in the living room after I brought it home.  Would you have the heart to move it?  Because I don't.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Website Update

I just finished with a big update my website: Blue Amrich Studio - Pet and Equine Photography.  Check it out!  Let me know if you see any errors (spelling...) or anything that looks "weird."  I tested it on most browsers, so I think it should be ok but you never know.

Long story short, my roommate and I both got laid off on Friday.  Iris thinks this is the greatest thing ever because I brought home the giant dog bed from work, which is one of the greatest things ever.  Now she can rotate between the couch and the dog bed while I work on the home computer.  I'm a little less impressed with the situation than she is, but what can you do?  Life happens.  Anyway, right now I'm trying to really push my pet photography work.  I know my website is all pets, but I also do weddings (and have pretty extensive wedding experience), human portraits, senior photos, events (private and corporate), and real estate.  Actaully, I'm willing to try photographing just about anything you can think up (ok, anything PG.  I shoot fluffy animals!  As soon as I typed that, I realized it didn't sound very PG.  I photograph fluffy animals).  So if you're in the Boston area and hear of anything, please pass it along.

Also, my roommate is a fantastic 3D artist who's also looking for a job.  Her art is here - Sarah Dahlinger Art and if you check out her blog, I think she has a list of positions she'd qualify for.  I believe she's also planning a website update within the next couple of days.  Since Sarah owns the condo where we live, Iris and I would both like Sarah to continue paying the mortgage.

One more thing that I left for last because I hate begging for favors, but I could use the help!  I've been working on improving the search ranking of my website, and one thing that will help is links from other websites.  So if you've got a website or a blog where it would be approprate to throw up a link to my site, I'd really appreciate it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Red on Red - 1/52

Red on Red - 1/52

Iris' predecesor was a Wheaten Terrier, and after years of living with a dog who required extensive grooming, I've pretty much decided to let Iris' coat do whatever it wants.  And I admit it, I love the crazy fur around her ears.

Also, we're currently 8 weeks seizure-free.  Unbelievable.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolution

My photography related resolution this year is to improve my lighting skills.  So, it's only appropriate that I somehow manage to include my dog.

This year, I want to participate in the 52 Weeks for Dogs project.  I believe the project started out as a Flickr group.  The basic idea is that you take one photo of your dog each week and share it with the group.  While I'm not planning on participating in the Flickr group, I will be posting all 52 photos on this blog.  I know there are a few other bloggers out there who participate in this (Dig-it Fetch-it Herd-it comes to mind).

I'm hoping that by committing to shooting Iris each week, I'll also be pushing myself to experiment a lot more with my techniques.  Even though I'm hoping to do a lot more client sessions in 2011, I tend to shy away from experimenting during a client shoot.  If I can get all my experimenting and practicing done with Iris where there's no real pressure, I'll be much more confident playing around with different techniques during a client photo sessions.  That's my hope anyway!