Tuesday, August 25, 2009


All is quiet on the canine front. We haven't been doing much of anything lately. Ok, actually Iris hasn't gotten to do much of anything lately. I've painted every room in a 2 bedroom condo, moved countless boxes (many thanks to the local liquor store for free boxes) and all of my too-many plants, and have vowed never again take a "vacation" at the same time as my room mate. I think my vacation has been more work than my job! All that has left my poor dog severely neglected. Thank the dog gods for bully sticks. Not only does it keep her busy while she's chewing it, but also she always zonks out after she finishes. At least Iris is starting to relax more in the condo. The last of the furniture is getting moved in the weekend, so it will finally feel more like "home."

I am really starting to miss doing classes with her. Plus Iris is starting to get antsy too. I might be exhausted, but Iris hasn't gotten nearly enough exercise the last couple of weeks. I am taking her to one day of a Jan Wesen clinic on the 4th, so the red dog will get to do some sheep herding. After that, I think we'll probably hold off on group classes until after the Control Unleashed class in Oct. Maybe we'll try to get in some herding on the weekend or a drop in agility class. We'll see just how crazy my bored dog makes me. At the very least, I think there's a NADAC trial in Sept we should be able to watch for "being around other dogs" practice.


Jules said...

Awesome re the Jan Wesen clinic; we'll be there Friday too. I am so looking forward to it. It will be great to see you and the red dog!

Lauren said...

I feel you - my red dog drives me bonkers when he doesn't get enough exercise. Like when I have to go back to work full time and come home to giant holes in the yard. It's awesome. I guess that's the trade off of living with an aussie!

Good luck with Control Unleashed, I wish there were a class in my area close by!!

Life With Dogs said...

I love quiet - but too much of anything can't be good. I think we can all give thanks for bully sticks - they are superb!