Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Peanut Butter Face

Ok, a quick post just for Raelyn....  I know I'm way overdue for a real update, but for now you'll have to settle for a few photos of Iris enjoying one of her favorite activities - making strange faces at the camera.  :-)

Iris looking at the camera making a silly face with her nose twisted to the side

Iris really is such a weirdo.  Does anyone else have a dog who can bend their face that way?  Iris' best faces happen when she's enjoying her favorite treat - peanut butter! And since she gets peanut butter with her pills 3x a day, I get to see plenty of funny faces.

Series of photos of Iris sticking out her tongue while she's trying to get the peanut butter off the roof her of her mouth
(click on above for larger view)

"So all you want me to do is sit here and eat peanut butter?"

Iris sticking her tongue out.  You can see the peanut butter on her tongue.

Iris thought this was the most fun photo session ever.  The thing I love most about this dog is that she makes me smile every single day.


Raelyn said...

Thank-you, Blue!! And welcome back!! ;-}
Fun pictures!! My Rose enjoys peanut butter, as well. So I allow her some occasionally. Did you know that January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day? Yep!! National Peanut Butter Day. Pass the word to Iris.... She will want to know that!! ;op

Jules said...

these are adorable! Iris is such a photographic dog, and obviously you are a great photographer!

Blue said...

I think National Peanut Butter Day is Iris' new favorite holiday! We'll have to do something special next year to celebrate :-)