Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heeling #5

Sunday was windy, which means all of my dogs were acting a little wacky. With the windows open (and with no AC, the windows have to be open) the wind makes all sorts of weird noises as it blows through the house. All three dogs were freaked out by it, and they were all getting each other going. I also had company. Iris was being really good, but I know it stresses her out, especially since they were guys who showed up driving trucks.

During class, the wind was still going, and Iris was pretty worried about it. She was more concerned by the wind than the other dogs. Katrin had me start Iris off with tricks that she was familiar with. That seemed to help her relax a bit and then we borrowed from canned food from Julie. The canned food was a lot more exciting than the treats I had! We worked on making left and right turns. Iris did pretty well with it. I think she's starting to get the idea of heeling. Eventually, the novelty of the canned food wore off and she started worrying about the wind again. I let her retreat to her crate. Overall, I was really happy that she was able to relax enough to work for a little while.

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Jules said...

I had no idea the wind was bothering Ms. Eye at all. You and she both handled it well!