Sunday, July 13, 2008

Three Is More Than Two

I think it was me that said "three dogs can't possibly be much more work than two." And that's when Iris joined the pack. Usually it's just Iris and Henry here during the week, but this past week I've had Zeus as well.

Normally, my routine before work is to get up, feed the dogs, start getting myself ready while they eat, let the dogs out, finish getting myself ready, let the dogs in, get Iris in her crate, and then I leave.

This week, it's gone something like this: Get up and let the dogs out because Zeus won't eat unless he's been outside first. Start making their breakfast - all three are on different diets. Let the dogs in. Red dog comes in, hound dog comes in, where's the black dog? Grab a leash and go outside. Zeus has dug himself a crater in the backyard and is laying down there, growling and grumbling when I go to bring him in. Slip leash over his head, he hops right up. Back inside, give all the dogs their food. Dogs finish eating and they have to go back outside because Henry won't go relieve himself until after he's had breakfast (food is just too exciting!) Iris runs outside. Grab Zeus' collar so he won't go back to his crater outside. Where is Henry? He's the one that actually needs to go outside. Henry is in the kitchen trying to lick Iris' bowl clean as fast as possible. Alright, get Henry outside, keep Zeus inside, now Zeus is licking bowls. Finish getting myself ready for work. Let Iris and Henry in. Bring Iris down the basement to keep cool. The boys get the run of the house for the day. I turn to go back upstairs, and see Henry trying desperately to get into the recycling to lick empty dog food cans. Usher Henry back upstairs. Find car keys.

Finally, ready for work!


Katrin said...


ann & partner said...

You have waaaay to much time on your hands!!! hehe

Jules said...

Sounds hectic! Talk about balance ;D (right now I have a certain gray schnauzer staring a g-pigs while i type!)

Blue said...

Julie, I think your schnauzer is telling you there should have been earthdog practice last weekend. LOL!

Ann, I think all my free time has gone to the dogs!