Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dolittler's Valentine's Day post suggested making a list of your pet's nicknames. Here's a list for my gang including Henry, mostly because Henry's nicknames usually make me laugh.

  • Iris Aussie Dog or just Aussie Dog
  • Red Dog
  • Crazy Head (my roommate came up with this one. She says Iris has crazy eyes, crazy ears, crazy fur around her neck that sticks in all different directions, and sometimes Iris is just plain crazy)
  • Poofy Butt (because it is poofy!)
  • The Kool-Aid Dog (do you remember the old Kool Aid commercials when the Kool-Aid Man would bust through the wall and yell "Oh yeah!" Iris is like that. Often.)
  • Snot Head
  • Goofy, Goofy-Girl, Goofball
  • Trouble
  • I do use a lot of the "standard" terms of endearment too - honey, beautiful, sweetie. Those just aren't as much fun to list.
  • Henry Wenry
  • Stinkey Muffin (this one makes me laugh every time)
  • Chubby Wubby
  • Chubs
  • Beagle Boy
  • Beans for Brains
  • My sister also likes to tell him how sexy and handsome he is, probably to balance out his other nicknames.
Seamus (parakeet)
  • I almost never use a nickname for him. I have no idea why, I've had him by far the longest (over 10 years!) Sometimes I call him Seamus Keeper, Pretty Boy, and Sweet Bird.
Sammy and Asani (Ball Pythons)
  • The Kids - I use this almost more often than I use their names. I got them as eggs and they ended up hatching while I was living at school for RA training (RAs are those kids who are supposed to enforce rules in the dorms, including the no pets policy). I needed a code name for them since I couldn't risk anyone overhearing me mention "snake."
  • Sammy is "The Mighty Hunter."
  • Asani is "The Pacifist." I've had him for 2 1/2 years and he's never eaten indepenently.

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Jules said...

Wasn't that a fun exercise? John and I had a blast doing it.