Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday Agility

I have to say, Iris was MUCH better this week than she was last week. Oh, she wasn't perfect. She still had her bratty moments, but overall she was much more relaxed. She even managed to stay mostly quiet in her crate even with the other dogs making a lot of "excited dog" noises and through Remy's second run (something she couldn't handle last week because Remy barks when he runs). I admit, she got A LOT of cheese to keep her quiet, but at least it seemed to work.

Here's the course map from Julie. We had a little trouble with the serpentine at first, but Iris had a much easier time with it once I remembered to turn my shoulders (my reoccurring theme). Iris overshot the table every time. I really should build a table once I have a place for it. Maybe I could build one and keep it at my dad's house. Table and tire are my two nice-weather projects. Every time we did the table in class, Iris jumped on the table and kept going. She was good about turning around and coming back to the table, but I'd like to get her staying on the table the first time she jumps on it, not the second.

Iris was also having trouble with her stays. She got up early the first time she was on the table She really wanted to release every time I turned my shoulders instead of waiting for the "okay." She even broke her stay on the teeter. I helped her out a little by not turning much once I realized that's what she was doing. It's definitely something we need to practice more at home. Now that the weather is nicer, I should be able to get her over to the fenced-in tennis courts this weekend to practice stays and recalls.

We had some trouble with the rear cross and weave poles. I wasn't giving Iris nearly enough space so she kept missing the first pole. We did get it figured out, but then I would praise her whenever she'd get the rear cross. I think I was hesitating a little when I'd praise (and because I was happy just to get the cross!) so Iris kept stopping after the first pole. I should have just let he go. Different entrances for weaves is something else I have to remember to practice. I realized that recently when we've practiced weaves at home, I've been having her run through pretty much in a straight line. Bad handler! Iris had a much easier time with the first and last sets of weaves. Especially the last set of weaves, she was really getting up good speed. In general, she seems to have an easier time with the weaves if I help her out less. I'm probably cramping her style.

We did have a funny moment during out first run. I completely forgot where we were going after the second set of weaves. I was just happy that we got the rear cross figured out! Iris, my smart little red dog, kept going over the next three jumps despite the fact that I was no where near where I should have been. It's a good thing my dog knows what we're doing even if my head is in the clouds! And she always manages to make me smile.

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Jules said...

I was so impressed with how good she was!!