Sunday, April 11, 2010

Newest Family Member

And now some good news! Introducing the newest family member, Galeru.

"Galeru" is a dragon or rainbow serpent from Australian mythology. Budgies are native to Australia, and I wanted to give him a larger-than-life name because budgies have such larger-than-life personalities.

Galeru came home on Friday and is starting to settle in. He's still pretty hand-shy, but he's gotten MUCH better since Friday (there has been a lot of millet bribery. I've yet to meet a budgie who doesn't love millet!) Once he settles in some more, I'm going to do some clicker training with him. I'd taught my last budgie to target, and he thought that was pretty fun. It should be pretty fun to see what this little guy can do.

Iris hasn't shown much interest in Galeru at all, which is good. We did do some LAT when I first brought him home. Iris was more interested in the cookies than the bird, which is a really good thing!


Diana said...

Oh, he is very cute. Diana

Jules said...

He's darling. Where di you get him? How old is he?

Blue said...

I think he's about 4-6 months old. Definitely still a baby. My roommate brought him home, but I think he came from a local pet store. He's starting to get more relaxed about being handled.