Monday, June 14, 2010

Paw It Forward

We got a "Paw It Forward" package in the mail from James, Niche, and Monty! We actually got the package last week and Iris' bad mum has taken too long to post photos. But Iris has been enjoying the treats all weekend.

Hey Iris, do you want to see what you got?

Yes yes yes!!!

Do you think you could look at the camera? Just for a second?

All of the cookies belong to me!

Fine. If you won't pose with the packages, I can find other ways to make you pose.

I know where you sleep. I will get my revenge.

Away with you, crazy lady.
I am done with posing for your face-box now. Time for nom!

A very happy red dog says THANK YOU to Katrin and her boys!

Now for the next part of the game. I'll send a "Paw It Forward" package to the first two people who reply saying that they want to play. Then after you get your package, you "paw it forward" by sending packages to two more people. Very cool! Anyone want to play?


Jules said...

I would definitely play. Sounds like fun. Iris definitely looks like she enjoyed her package!

Katrin said...

What great photos! Iris sure looks like she enjoyed the snacks!