Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seriously? Sand?

For some reason, Iris as been putting everything in her mouth lately.  Stuff that she wouldn't normally pick up.  The other day, she had a pen in her mouth.  A little while later, she had tweezers.

The latest one is sand.  That's right.  Sand.  After Iris did her business this morning, I was picking up her poop and I noticed that it was full of sand.  I have no idea why she was eating sand or more importantly, when she was eating sand.  I live in a condo.  Iris only goes outside on a leash.  She is supervised.  A lot.  I do have a small container of sand that I was using for an art project, so I suspect that's where she got the sand.  I checked and the container is sealed, so I still have no idea when she was eating sand.  She's in a crate when I'm not home and locked in the bedroom with me at night.

I really can't figure out when she could have gotten into the sand or what possessed her to eat it in the first place.  Maybe she's trying to tell me that she needs more minerals in her diet?

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