Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Website Update

I just finished with a big update my website: Blue Amrich Studio - Pet and Equine Photography.  Check it out!  Let me know if you see any errors (spelling...) or anything that looks "weird."  I tested it on most browsers, so I think it should be ok but you never know.

Long story short, my roommate and I both got laid off on Friday.  Iris thinks this is the greatest thing ever because I brought home the giant dog bed from work, which is one of the greatest things ever.  Now she can rotate between the couch and the dog bed while I work on the home computer.  I'm a little less impressed with the situation than she is, but what can you do?  Life happens.  Anyway, right now I'm trying to really push my pet photography work.  I know my website is all pets, but I also do weddings (and have pretty extensive wedding experience), human portraits, senior photos, events (private and corporate), and real estate.  Actaully, I'm willing to try photographing just about anything you can think up (ok, anything PG.  I shoot fluffy animals!  As soon as I typed that, I realized it didn't sound very PG.  I photograph fluffy animals).  So if you're in the Boston area and hear of anything, please pass it along.

Also, my roommate is a fantastic 3D artist who's also looking for a job.  Her art is here - Sarah Dahlinger Art and if you check out her blog, I think she has a list of positions she'd qualify for.  I believe she's also planning a website update within the next couple of days.  Since Sarah owns the condo where we live, Iris and I would both like Sarah to continue paying the mortgage.

One more thing that I left for last because I hate begging for favors, but I could use the help!  I've been working on improving the search ranking of my website, and one thing that will help is links from other websites.  So if you've got a website or a blog where it would be approprate to throw up a link to my site, I'd really appreciate it!


Nicki said...

Best of luck. Your pics are great. I don't live in New England but I'll post a link on my blog.

Jules said...

Drat about the job. Hopegully you will find an even better position soon. I will happily link to your photography blog and go check out the updates.

Blue said...

Thank you both!