Monday, February 7, 2011

Will Work for Food - 5/52

Dogs in the kitchen while I'm cooking is a huge pet peeve of mine.  I just don't enjoy having to fight with the dogs for foot room while I'm getting food ready.  To keep the peace, Iris is trained to stay out of the kitchen while I'm in there unless I invite her in.  She can sit the doorway and watch, but she has to stay out.  If she's already in there (or in there uninvited), I can tell her "out," and she'll go sit in the doorway.  When I was living with my dad, all three dogs were pretty good about staying out of the kitchen.

While I was visiting my dad for the holidays, I was in the kitchen helping my sister clean up.  My dad's house has a much larger kitchen than my condo, but the large kitchen very quickly fills up with seven people and three dogs in the house.  Without really thinking about it or even looking at the dogs, I said "Out."  Iris immediately went and sat in the doorway just outside of the kitchen.  The boys continued looking for crumbs on the floor, so my sister turned to me and said "Show off."

Just so that no one thinks my dog is a perfect angel, she regularly rebels against the "no dogs in the kitchen" rule with just one front paw.

Iris is sitting on the carpet just outside of the kitchen on the left side of the photo.  One of her front paws is on the kitchen floor.  Her blue bowl is in the kitchen on the right side of the photo.

Will Work for Food - 5/52


Katrin said...

great story!

Jules said...

and great photo! I love the color contrasts.