Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Dog is Weird - 14/52

Iris is lying on her back looking at the camera in the photo.
My Dog is Weird - 14/52

Iris loves being upside down.  She loves having her belly rubbed, she loved sleeping on her back.  Sometimes I think she just likes seeing the world upside down.  Upside down Aussie is a pretty typical thing to see around here.

Yup, still upside down.  Not much variation to the photos if she just wants to see the world upside down.

Oh hai!
Another photo of Iris lying on her back looking at the camera.  She has her head tilted in the other direction.

So just when I thought I was finished with this post, I looked over at my sleeping Aussie. She was actually sleeping right-side up like a normal dog!  Oh wait.  Look closer.

A photo of Iris asleep on the couch.  If you look close, you can see that her tongue is sticking out.

She's still weird.


Jules said...

Maybe it is a merle thing - Buggie is a huge fan of sleeping upside down too. :) I love that last shot with her wee pink tongue!

Nicki said...

I agree with that merle thing! Legend frequently sleep upside down and propped up against a wall or her crate. She always looks so wierd-it's a little embarrassing at trials. Sometimes people ask if she's ok!