Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thanks Iris

Dear 2011, the residents of condo C1 kindly request that you give us a break  Just for a little while.  We'd really appreciate it.

It's starting to get a little ridiculous.  If it can go wrong this year, it pretty much has. 2011 has been just one long string of back luck for the three residents of condo C1. Job losses, health things, totaled cars...  The latest is a broken dishwasher.  It seams minor compared to everything else, but it's still resulted in a mountain of dirty dishes. And with everything else, washing dishes has been a fairly low priority.

This morning I decided to clean the kitchen and wash everything since we're having company tonight.  I was stacking the clean pots/pans on a towel on the floor next to me, and I had a pretty good stack of clean dishes going. I figured I could get the whole house clean by lunch, which would give me the rest of the afternoon to get some work done.

Instead, Iris just walked over and puked all over the pile of clean pots and pans. Sometimes you have to laugh at life.


Jules said...

Laughing is definitely better than crying! I hope the day improves and you have a nice night.

Katrin said...

OMG!! What a day! Poor you!!!

Diana said...

OMG, sometimes you just cant win. LOL I hope things get better.