Friday, March 14, 2008

Introducing the Beagle

Katrin mentioned tonight that Iris has put on a little weight, which is something I noticed too. I know everyone in my family thinks I'm crazy since Iris is definitely at a better weight than the Beagle, but at least I know someone else agrees with me! I need to start jogging with her more often now that the weather is better. Also I have to convince everyone else to measure her food more carefully. I know she gets extra when I'm not the one feeding her. But since Iris wants to prove that she still has a better figure than Henry Wenry, here are the trouble twins


Katrin said...

Herding info I replied to your comment on the Yonker's blog:

Tenley Dexter and Bob Vest are both terrific instructors.

Also good are some of the clinics up in ME at Little Dove (something like that) Farm. She brings in some good instructors.

Monty & my herding instructor use to work out of Wrentham (was super nice to get to!!) but moved last fall to Worcester area, need to get back in touch with her. That's Colleen Cody of Two Shadows. She's awesome.

Blue said...

Oh cool! I didn't know you did herding with Monty. Herding is something I've thought about doing with Iris since she needs any outlet for her energy that I can find for her. :) That's too bad that your herding instructor left Wrentham! That would have been so easy for me. Worcester area still wouldn't be too far.

The only reason I haven't done herding is that I've been hesitant to choose a trainer. The one local one that I found was Sheepdog Junction, but his website is very Border Collie oriented. Iris is a little nervous with men, so I decided not to take her to a guy trainer that I don't really know anything about. Then the weather got cold and I stopped looking...

Thank you for the info!