Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Posing Aussie

I took Iris over to the state park this afternoon and made her pose for some photos (and she thought we were just going for a walk... She did get her walk. She just had to wait until after the camera ran out of batteries). Finally it's not too muddy to take her over there! Maybe spring is here to stay?

Here's a couple of my favorite shots for the day:

Ok, this last one is just because I wanted to include proof that she does look at me. Sometimes. When I'm holding food and making weird noises. And there are no squirrels in sight.

And that stream behind her? Iris felt the stream and the log on the other side of it (you can't see it in the photo), both needed to be jumped in a single bound from a standstill to celebrate the end of the photo session.


JULES & IKE said...

GORGEOUS !!! Photos!

I love them all, but especially #2.

Katrin said...

Love the "flying nun" ears :-) Reminds me of my friend's red aussie Spencer.

Cherylam910 said...

Great photos! of a great dog! Nice job, Blue - love your site. :)

Blue said...

She does have "flying nun" ears. I always joke that her ears are just confused and can't decide if they go up or down.