Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Iris! My red girl turned 5 years old today. She's growing older (although not necessarily growing up!) Her day was filled with new toys...

...and boring photos of her with the toys. She did get to play with the toys and do some agility, but I'm not sure anyone is coordinated enough to play tug and take photos at the same time. Lucky for Iris since she's not so sure about the new camera.

Later, I went to class without her (poor sad Aussie) and played with another dog (a very cute Bug! At home, a jealous Aussie). But I did learn all sorts of neat stuff about doggie strength training, so Iris now has lots of new tricks to learn. Katrin also mentioned playing "hide and seek" with her dogs which reminded me that I used to play "find the bone" with my dog years ago. He'd down-stay in one room and I'd hide his toy in another room. Then I'd call him out and he'd find it. I need to try this again with Iris. I also chatted with Julie about obedience. A novice obedience class might give me some good skills to work on with Iris. So agility, herding, and maybe obedience? At least Iris likes being busy.

Later, Iris got a Frosty Paws ice cream and completely forgot about both the scent of corgi and the scary camera.

It's ok to make funny faces and to smoosh your nose to get the last drops.

The Beagle did not get any. He did not need any treats because he got to the dog training stuff and ate a WHOLE BAG of treats. He does not feel bad about this. In fact, I think he's quite proud of himself.

He does, however, regret that he's not getting any of Iris' ice cream (ok, I admit it, there was only one left and I thought the Birthday girl should get it). I should be thankful that it was the training bag he got to and not another sweatshirt or pants pocket. Although I suspect it's the Aussie and not the Beagle who's been putting holes in my pockets. Henry usually figures out pockets. Iris is a bit like the Kool-Aid man.


Katrin said...

LOL!!! bad, bad Henry! But totally typical beagle- no remorse for treat stealing.

Happy Birthday Iris!!! (I think 5 is the 'golden age' it's when they start doing everything perfect, either that or you start to be more forgiving of their 'badness' haha)

Jules and Ike said...

Happy Birthday I-girl!!

Henry certainly does not look upset with himself. :D

Makin & Tessa (Lael and Neil) said...

Happy Belated Birthday Iris!! We're late on reading the blog- we'll have to celebrate in class!