Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weaves, Stress, and Training

I haven't bothered to write about last Thursday's weaves class because I've been busy with "real person" things this week. Iris was a bit of a witch at class last week and more reactive to the other dogs than she usually is. I know she feeds off my stress. Of all the dogs I've lived with, she is BY FAR the most sensitive to my moods. So I was stressed and she was cranky (and probably stressed too). She was all over the place. There were periods when she was doing really well hanging out with me out of the crate and giving me attention, and then there were times when she was, well, "less good." Both of us had our heads in the clouds.

Of course because of everything I've had going on this week, we haven't practiced as much as we usually do. When I do practice with her, Iris is so distracted (the Beagle is barking, the neighbor's little yappy dogs are barking, cars are driving past, and I definitely have not been cooler than dirt)! Class tomorrow could be interesting. I think we have made some progress this week, but not as much as I'd like. Then again, I'm a little type-A (and that's why I have a herder and not a hound).

We did make it over to the state park for a little while. See the happy grin? I think this is our favorite spot.

I have no idea why Blogger likes to suck the life out of greens when I upload photos. Maybe once I get the new monitor (ok, not exactly new, but it's new for me) set up I'll try messing with it. But I was talking about dogs...

Tomorrow is another day and another class. Maybe both of us should try some rescue remedy before class! Iris says "Phbbbbtttt! Just spend less time worrying and more time playing!"

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