Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Excellence Award

I meant to mention this sooner but wanted to have time to pass the award along. We got this award from Julie, Ike, and Carmen of Molasses Ain't Got NOTHIN' on Us! Thank you! I'm just glad others are enjoying our adventures as much as I am.

So now here's a list of blogs I think deserve this award. Some are repeats from other's lists, but I think they deserve it again. In alphabetical order since I couldn't decide which was my favorite:

By My Side - Iris's trainer keeps a blog about her two service dogs, Obi and James. Not only is it a great source of info on service dogs, but also a lot of the training and socialization she talks about is a good idea for any puppy.

The Daily Coyote - Who doesn't want to look at cute coyote photos every day? If you go through the archives, there are some awesome photos of him as a puppy.

Makin and Tessa - The adventures of two beautiful Vizslas and their humans. These guys are fun to read about and they have some really cool photos too. Makin is in agility class with Iris.

Molasses Ain't Got NOTHIN' On Us! - Julie does agility with two mini schnauzers, Ike and Carmen. Ike has been doing agility for a little while and Carmen just started. I enjoy reading about her different experience with the two dogs, who sound like they both have different training obstacles. Carmen is in class with Iris.

Monty's Training Diary - Iris' agility trainer's first blog. This is the blog that inspired me to start one on Iris' training progress. It's all about Monty, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but the Flat-Coats get mentioned too.

Pet Connection - This was by far the most quickly updated and accurate website I found during the pet food recalls last year. They were much faster than the news websites, and really on top of the whole situation. They still do an excellent job of keeping up to date on current pet issues.

Three Woofs And A Woo - "The Food Lady" has a excellent sense of humor and three beautiful dogs. The photography is awesome. Mr Woo is a riot (and maybe part Aussie too?) and of course Tweed and Piper (and her Mad Teeth) are cool dogs too.

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