Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fancy Jumps

I decided that rather than colored tape, I'd use paint to decorate jump bars. My reasoning? I'd have to go out and buy tape, but I already have lots of paint. It's just cheap acrylic paint right onto the pvc. I sprayed urethane on when it was done because the paint scrapes right off otherwise. In hindsight, I should have spray painted it white first (as a primer). Oh well, this one was just the first experiment. I'll try the spray paint for the next one. I was being lazy and trying to save time. Hopefully with the spray paint, I'll be able to skip the urethane since it turns the white slightly yellow.

Iris wanted to help out and made sure the jump bar didn't try and run away while I was taking the photo. Such a good herder!

I'm not looking at you until you put that camera away!


Jules and Ike said...

Ooohhh! Very cool. Did Iris help paint too? :D

Katrin said...

oooooh- pretty!

Makin & Tessa (Lael and Neil) said...

Now that is style!

Nice work last night.

Cat, Tessie, & Strata said...

Those are so cool! :)