Friday, March 25, 2011

Finding Phenobarbitol

I'm not sure if there are any epi dog owners reading this blog, but here's a heads up just in case.

I just tried to refill Iris' pb prescription and had a hard time finding a pharmacy that had any in stock.  The first couple of places I called told me that pb is back-ordered and it would probably be another 30 days before they had any in stock.  Not good!  I did find a pharmacy that had some but had to get a smaller amount than usual (I normally get 150 tablets but was only about to get 119.  That will still last just over a month, so I'm not too worried but it probably means they're low too).  I'm guessing this is related to the pb recalls?  I've never had a problem finding it before.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that you may be in for a bit of drive to fill a pb perscription so definitely allow yourself sone extra time.  Also, the price was more than double what I usually pay.  Not really a big deal since pb is very inexpensive, but it's a pretty good illustration of supply and demand!

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