Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not the Best Morning

Three seizures for the red dog isn't exactly how I wanted to wake up this morning. Yuck. Each seizure lasted a little longer than is typical for Iris - about 1.5 to 2 min each (she's normally about 1 min). The good news is that she only went about 5 min between seizures, which means we're probably done for the day. When she's going about an hr between seizures, then we're in for a bad day.

All things considered, 15 1/2 weeks between seizures isn't bad. Far longer than I ever thought she'd go. Prior to this, she was going about 4 weeks between seizures.


Katrin said...

:-( sorry to hear. Hope your day improved. I heard all sorts of good things about your photo taking abilities at the noseworks mock trial. You're name is getting out there!! :-)

Jules said...

Drat! I am sorry.

Blue said...

Oh that's really cool that you heard good things about the nose work mock trial!! It was really fun to see even if it was snowing the whole time.

Iris is doing a lot better since this morning (it was just the three seizures) so keeping fingers crossed that we're done for another 15 weeks.

Nicki said...

15 1/2 weeks is pretty good. Hopefully it continues to get better!