Friday, March 25, 2011

Witch Hats - 11/52

Just a quick photo of the red dog that I wanted to share before tomorrow.

Photo of just Iris' eyes and ears.  There's an out-of-focus but very colorful bookshelf in the background.
Witch Hats - 11/52

Iris' crazy ears are one of my favorite things about her.  I think it was Katrin who first said that Iris' ears look like little witch hats.  I love my mixed up pup with her ears that can't decide if they go up or down and eyes that can't decided if they're blue or brown.

This post also means that I've caught up on the 52 weeks project!  Perfect because tomorrow we're celebrating Purple Day.  I think Iris missed the memo and decided to raise awareness early by starting today off with three seizures.  Sometimes Iris is a little too type-A.  I'd have settled for a purple bandanna.

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